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Antenna Định hướng (Shure UA870WB UHF)

Antenna Định hướng (Shure UA870WB UHF)

The Shure UA870 is an active ... More »

Nhà sản xuất: SHURE
Mã sản phẩm: UA870WB UHF
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Antenna Định hướng (Shure UA870WB UHF)

The Shure UA870 is an active UHF wireless directional antenna. It features a log periodic dipole array. When compared to anomnidirectional 1/2-wave antenna, the cardioid pattern provided by the UA870 offers enhanced reception of the desired coverage area and greater rejection of RF signals outside the coverage area. 

To compensate for coaxial cable signal loss, the UA870 has an on-board amplifier that offers user selectable 3 or 10 dB gain. The gainsetting is indicated by two LEDs. Remote 12 Vdc power for the antenna amplifier is provided by a Shure U4S, U4D, ULXP, ULXS, UR4S and UR4D Receiver or a Shure UA845 or UA844 Antenna Distribution System through the connecting coaxial cable

The UA870 can be mounted on a microphone stand, suspended from the ceiling, or mounted to a wall using the integrated swivel adapter bracket. The UA870 is weather resistant for use outdoors. For best diversity performance, use two UA870 antennas. 


  • RF Frequency Range- UA870A: 782-810 MHz- UA870KK: 838-862 MHz- UA870MB: 800-830 MHz- UA870MC: 774-782 MHz- UA870UB: 692-716 MHz- UA870WB: 470-900 MHz *- UA870USTV: 470-698 MHz *- UA870X: 944-952MHz ** Available in U.S.

  • Power Source: Remote 12 Vdc from coaxial cable connection to receiver or antenna distribution system.

  • Power Consumption:UA870 (A, KK, MB, MC, UB, X): 0.81 W (12 Vdc)UA870 (WB, USTV): .68W (12Vdc)

  • Antenna Gain: 7 dB typical (on axis)

  • Amplifier Gain:UA870 (A, KK, MB, MC, UB, X):Gain Switch at 3 dB: 3 dB +/- 2 dBGain Switch at 10 dB: 10 dB +/- 2 dBUA870 (WB, USTV): Gain Switch at 3 dB (-2, +1.5 dB)Gain Switch at 10 dB (-1 dB, +3.0 dB)

  • Third Order Intercept Point (3OIP) at output: More than 30 dBm

  • Reception Pattern:Directional; Cardioid3dB Beam Width: 100 degrees

  • Amplifier Gain Indicators:3 dB: Green LED10 dB: Red LED

  • Connector: Female, BNC-type

  • Dimensions:UA870 (A, KK, MB, MC, UB, X): 8.90 in. (226 mm) H X 9.21 in. (234 mm) W X 1.60 in. (40.7 mm) DUA870 (WB, USTV): 12.45 in. (316.2 mm) H X 14.15 in. (359.4 mm) W X 1.40 in. (35.5 mm) D

  • Stand Adapter: Positive-action, break resistant, adjustable from 0 to 90 degrees,

  • with standard 5/8 in. -27 thread 

  • Net Weight (without cable):UA870 (A, KK, MB, MC, UB, X): 8 oz. (227 grams)UA870 (WB, USTV): 11.2 oz (317 grams)

  • CERTIFICATION: The Shure Model UA870 UHF Active Directional Antenna meet the essential requirements of the European R&TTE Directive 9

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